Get to know Karu Pine


Now that you’ve waited so patiently for an explanation, Mckenzie and I are more than excited to finally tell you all about our project. First things first, let’s explain the reason behind the name.

A small fact that some of you might not know is that Kenz and I are cousins. It was only until recent years when we found out that we were more alike than we thought and became lifelong best friends. One of our similarities is to create. Whether it be filming a video, taking the perfect snapshot, dressing each other up for a photoshoot, or making random things, we found joy in creating. We had this dream of sorts to make different types of jewelry and decor and eventually have our own shop. At first the whole idea was just in the back of our minds until we had our first business meeting in a tjmaxx. I kid you not. We sat in the back of the store in the cool looking chairs to discuss our plans. Anyways, we got super excited and realized that our dream wasn’t completely far-fetched so we took it to the next level: the logo.

I know you probably thought that the last paragraph was going to explain the name but I rambled so just stick with me this time. Let’s begin with Karu. The meaning of Karu is “maker” so we found it fitting to what we were actually trying to do. The both of us are in love with pine trees so Pine was another fitting name. You could also connect that to my last name, Woods. Cause ya know. Get it? Pine trees are in the woods. *Knee slap* Like I said before, Kenz and I are cousins so we thought we would bring our grandparents into the picture. My papaw and McKenzie’s mamaw are both Plasters so that’s how our tagline “a bond with nature” came into play. We knew that we needed a way to tie the feel we’re trying to portray from our products along with how we got connected in the first place. Through the likeless of nature, and our grandparents genes, we somehow came up with this unique, hopefully fitting logo.

Once we started to create, we found a few staple items to get us started. If you’re like us and desire for everything to have a meaning, then you’ve come to the right place. All of our items have some sort of special meaning behind them so that we can all go on this crazy ride together. Our purpose isn’t to bond with nature by collecting as much green as we can (I’m talking about money if you didn’t catch that) it’s about truly bonding with all the people we interact with. 

Another thing that Kenz and I have in common is our likeness of craft vendors. Everytime we go to a festival, we get so giddy about little trinkets we find. And we can honestly say that that is one of our reasonings behind all of this. We want people to get excited with us about our products. And hopefully open their minds to connect and appreciate nature. 

We are more than excited to finally get the opportunity to show/sell our products and we hope that you all will enjoy it as well. We would also love your feedback! We want to know your stories and what inspires you as well so don’t be shy to message us on social media. Or if you’re feeling bold, share your story on your own social media and use the hashtag #karupine so we can on be on this journey together! 

Our first appearance will be June 18 at Decatur’s Downtown Summer Nights at 6 PM so come find us there!


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